How to predict (prevent) a software product crash when the development team makes certain changes to the code?

How to predict (prevent) a software product crash (which has already been published) when the development team makes certain changes to the code? We are a small team (limited budget). We crashed the Android app after the developer fixed a bug for the admin panel (another app with the same database). This caused some changes in the database with which the Android app is connected.

5/16/2019 8:48:52 AM

rudolph flash

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rudolph flash Without adequate unit testing and regression testing there is always a chance new change might break something. unit testing may not find error as it is concentrated on single feature at a time, but regression testing can uncover errors and potential crashes as it check if the existing functionality is not broken due to new change introduced. Regression testing must be done by person other than developer. It include testing your product on actual target environment. Virtualization is a common practice to avoid cost of testing on actual target.


~ swim ~ That is, we must write regression tests. And then apply a specialized program that will allow you to automatically perform all regression tests. True, we do not know how to write such tests. Do you know any resources that will allow us to master the skills of writing these tests?


rudolph flash I can't remember from the top of my head but here are some links you may have a look http://www.hurricanesoftwares.com/10-regressionfunctional-web-testing-tools/ https://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/regression-testing-tools-and-methods/ Usually a separate testing team does the job using variety of tools including inhouse builtin tools. Hope this helps


Docker is a good option or you can find any other containers to help you. please read https://tuhrig.de/difference-between-save-and-export-in-docker/


Ensure that there are no showstoppers (P1) bugs 🙄