Are there any visual programming languages where graphical building blocks can be joined up to build the entire logic?

I'm not talking about languages like VisualC++ where only the GUI aspects are designed visually; I am also not talking about front ends for markup languages like HTML; also not talking about educational tools to teach programming to kids etc. but full featured general purpose languages that are applicable in an industrial or commercial setting.

5/14/2019 10:28:01 PM


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If you have Android smartphone then use sketchware. install sketchware from play store else Google it for pc


Scratch like programming language( block programming language)


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are used in industrial environments to automate machinery, control robots, and even used in the amusement industry. They can be programmed using a graphical interface where you drag and drop icons to create your logic, called ladder logic.


Labview. https://www.viewpointusa.com/labview/what-is-labview-used-for/ https://www.youtube.com/user/Labview Very cool language.


I've seen some comercial mobile apps made with MIT App Inventor.


all languages have graphics but if you want the visual design i highly recommend the c# for computer and Xamarin for cross platforms