How long does it take to understand a programming language and really be good at it?

5/14/2019 2:40:52 PM

Petrus Montshusi

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I found out that the fastest way to learn programming for me was learning books and experimenting eith code each chapter, Learn python3 the hard way pdf coulf be a good start


Just learning a language is not enough to become a good programmer. You also need to learn and understand a lot of other stuff like databases, protocols, api, measuring performance... That takes years. In a month you can maybe learn the basics of one language which enables you to do some nice stuff with it but not much more.


It also depends on if it's your first language. If it's your first, you don't only need to learn the language itself which would be enough already, but also related stuff: How do computers work? How do you even program (abstract from a real life problem and translate it in a programming language)? Maybe you need to repeat or learn new some or a lot of maths depending on what you want to do. Design paradigms like OOP, functional programming and so on fill heavy books. There are many different areas, like operating system, embedded stuff, applications, games, web, mobile... each coming with their own set of languages, frameworks and such... Yeah, all these add-ons a language has. As if the standard library of one language isn't already a huge chunk of knowledge, you can install so much more. From my perspective, trying myself to get a handle of it, starting from zero, for about a year now, I'd say it takes - years.


Daniel Adam, and a lot of other factors. What's your age? (The brain does get slower to learn new stuff.) How busy are you, that is, how much time can you realistically invest every day? How much knowledge do you have that may be of *some* use and may save time? Have you found the right material for *your* individual brain to understand most efficiently? Can you afford the resources (hardware, software, books etc.)? Do you have good study habits? How big and specific is your motivation? Even a bit of talent may be involved. etc. pp.


Well there are many factors which affect the learning process:- >>The language you are learning >>The quality of practicing the language by you


Thanks everyone... I found some books to go through and ya I have to admit. Its fun learning something new, something that you actually enjoy doing, the book and lessons in SL keeps calling you for more🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️


i took me a month to learn python and about two for c++


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Depends on your clevernes. ;)