I would like to create my own game engine in C ++ or preferably in C #.

Can you advise me in what libraries (no Framework) to date today, I can support ?. Any special and for what reason? ____ 🇪🇸 ____ Me gustaría crear mi propio motor de juegos en C++ o preferiblemente en C#. ¿Me podéis aconsejar en qué librerías (no Framework) a fecha de hoy, me puedo apoyar?. ¿Alguna en especial y por que motivo?

5/14/2019 7:56:48 AM

Juan Baños

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Sonic Lito Delcid A game engine is something that I will never finish (its final version 😁), I will continue to complete and improve it ... Creating it is one of the most complete and enjoyable exercises to practice and acquire new knowledge in programming. Programming is just my hobby, my real job has nothing to do with this exciting profession, so the time to achieve it does not matter, I do not seek economic benefit, or anything like that, only the satisfaction of making it real by making codes and enjoying the programming that I love ... As for doing it in a group, it's a good idea ... independently that there are people who adapt to work better in one way or another, in my case, because it's my hobby, I like to do it alone, without obligations of any kind and totally to my taste. 👍😉


Sonic Thanks I have searched a lot of information on the internet, but I would like someone with experience in this topic to be able to advise me before starting ...


Nacholor Soy español como tú 👍🤣 Gracias a ti y a todos por vuestras respuestas...


I don't know the answer but it will take you a long time if not done as a group project.


Omar Mostafa please, make that question as your own post.


Sonic is right, it can take you a long time if you will work alone...


Juan Baños i like your idea. And you must consider that, if you prefer to work alone for being out of duties, you can form your own group in which you are the leader, but it will be your decision. The best of luck 😉


i will love to see it


https://www.quora.com/Which-are-the-best-libraries-for-game-development-in-c++ I found that answer in quora and seems a good beggining for me. In this answer there are different libraries for different game features. However I confess that I am not an expert just a curious guy about this matter.


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Good Luck. I'd suggest board ganes as they are quite easy to implement.


I think you could use C# because is the language used for unity (program used for creating games).So is much more easy to use unity and add scripts whith your knowledge of C#. Hope this helped you and sorry if my english is not that good.


Gamemaker uses something really simular to C#. A few things are different here and there but it's almost the same


Try SFML. It has a really good documentation in my opinion and there is SFML.net if you want to do it in C#.


Hola Juan Baños! Te puedo recomendar openGL, es el más usado, se uso para diseñar motores como Unity, Unreal Engine, entre otros muy populares.


Juan Baños let me speak a little Spanish since it is your native language hay algunas bibliotecas que puede utilizar como react física 3d ,bullet,projectchrono son bibliotecas para juegos 3d y simulaciones


I just read that you can use javacrypt to create games. From full sail University. They say JavaScript


Hi guys i wanna to know a solve for a warning in c++


It says ( suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value)


Warning in c++?