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Free sources for graphic games?

I am working on a kind of sokoban. nearly done. but graphics is horrible. I need 40px*40px tiles. arrow leftright arrow updown treasure... What can I do? Prog is still private.

5/12/2019 6:50:29 AM

Oma Falk

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+10 It's also a great source to get free assets πŸ˜‡


Folks look! I made my own tiles with on it is a kind of freaky... but I am too .-)


thanks to this great links😘😘


40px*40px would be greaaaaat


You can find game assats here:



Oma Falk let me know what kind of tiles you want! I can help you! Although not sure about the size 🀣 ! Still you can resize them πŸ˜‡


It's cool Oma Falk !! Will try to use πŸ˜…


Thanks for links... Added to my lists ;)


"it is a kind of freaky... but I am too" you're adorable x) You should look into pixel art tutorials. Once you get the basics down, it's a lot of fun and allows you to customize these kinds of things c: