Quiz Factory question

Now I can create questions only for swift and c language. Is it same for everyone else?

5/11/2019 6:43:41 PM

voja 🏊‍♂️

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I would prefer if there was some communication from Sololearn when something like this happens.


Yes, that's right👍


that's probably a bug or the other languages have enough quizz which they are reviewing at the moment


Yeah, same here



yeah, maybe they need to be mail for this


Same for me.


yeah it's the app HonFu


The same is here... I think it is same for everyone


Yes, me too. Why?


here also



Same here my friend.


Here as well


Same here. I have been waiting to submit for about 2 weeks. Any update? Does this thing happen every couple months or every year?


For me,I can't create questions for HTML in The Quiz Factory.


Same, hope this gets fixed/removed.


Me too and why can't I rate the quizes of HTML I can only rate all except HTML


I have got the same problem with python. Devs, pls help!