What characteristics should a code have, to be durable and sustainable to future changes and versions?

¿Qué características debe de tener un código, para que sea duradero y sostenible a futuros cambios y versiones?

5/11/2019 8:49:32 AM

Juan Baños

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If you learn python well,james powell on youtube explains why it is the best(and easiest) to maintain assuming you know what you are doing. YT: expert python james powell (40 min talk) https://youtu.be/cKPlPJyQrt4 https://youtu.be/R2ipPgrWypI


Also focus on using pure functions,if you need to save the state you might want to use a class/other type of object instead of a function


One unit (function, class etc.), one job, with a small and simple interface. That way you can easily exchange the unit, like a light bulb when it's broken or you need a stronger one.


Depending on how well you setup your database and how well you've practiced how to code, you wouldn't really need to bother about future changes


Planning and structuring the code before hand and keep a documentation in comments or/and text files along side the project..


Document the code with the right amount of comments so that a future developer is able to easily understand the original programmer's intention.


Divide the task into small subroutines (methods), which each do one thing well.


Well im not an expert but i know it has to be for one “bug-free code”, “clean readable code”, and if I’m not mistaken “scalable”