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Settings in Codeplayground - did u know?

Did you ever user CTRL+ Semicolon in Codeplayground on coding? If not... give it a try. Unfortunately not on Smartphone

5/11/2019 7:32:10 AM

Oma Falk

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Oma Falk what kind of settins.. Are those same as on smartphones or some advanced settings


Nice it's more than I have on smartphone ...Thanks for sharing with us🙂


It is not working on smartphone but Laptop etc. There it openes a menue for settings


*AsterisK* ctrl hhaarg.... German Keyboard


I learnt something about the German keyboard today and also about code playground settings for non smartphones. Thanks!


wanted to ask the same question too Prometheus


see my last post with images


Wait what do you mean?


what's STRG Oma Falk


Oma Falk I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing it. :)


I will give this a try next time my computer is on.


Its actually "Control + Comma"


What kinda settings? In think all the phones have the same console and interface without any particular settings. But yes, do remember, you can't create parentheses in specific Langs, cuz the console will only save files using one class globally.


`CTRL` +`;` doesn't do anything