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Publish to play store.

Hi, I'm 13 years old and I have created some apps that I want to publish to Google play store. But I've found out that I have to be older than 18 to publish apps on Play store. Does anybody know why Google won't let young developers publish their apps?

5/8/2019 5:39:49 PM


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The way I see it, you enter into a contract with Google and you have to be fully operational. This is in most countries only from 18. And I read that you need a developer account and a credit card in addition to a normal Google account. The developer account costs $ 25. You will not get a credit card until you are fully operational, ie 18 years old. So you only have two options: publish the apps elsewhere or ask your parents.


Nerderkips Well i don't know why they have age restriction but Congrats for creating apps at such a young age. 👍


maybe it's because of legal issues? well i would say just say you're 18 it doesn't matter lol


then you should just wait till you're 18 first kid