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Can @Sololearn challenge me again?

It's been such a treat to see, so I would like to continue with that.

5/7/2019 5:47:45 AM


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I thought so, that it might be a few people, but it didn't occur to me that it could be a bot...? It's an interesting thought, that it could be a bot. I have found at previous dealings with any bots, that they are quite far from what I have hoped for. I'm learning to code to make apps and create a bot application to answer my incoming phone calls.


I missed one challenge and he is not allowing me to push the rematch. And it's been 4 days without an invite to play... So I'm giving a heads-up through here.


I'm hungry for more, because it was the very first time that I had won a challenge. And it was against @sololearn. So imagine how I'm feeling because I missed the invitation time window.


Jay Matthews By the way, is @sololearn just one person?