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Question to Challenger

After challenge is completed, we can view solution but can we have request for explanation for question/s and reward(xp) person for solution?

5/5/2019 10:25:35 AM


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You can post the question in Q&A , and others will help you understand.😊


If you have a question, you can asked it here Q/A. You can also send a feedback to SoloLearn if you want a new feature.


What I do is that I take the screenshot of the question and click the middle button on my navigation bar to go to activate Google assistant. From there I activate Google Lens. Then I copy the question and send to the opponent or an expert via message. Pretty cool Huh. 😂 But you can't do this if you are Siri lover. The only problem is I have to move the screenshot to trash from Google photos later on.


yes click the profile picture of the opponent it will lead you to his profile from that page click three dot manu on the top right corner. You will see message options there. For practical purposes let me send a message to you.


No it is for everyone on Android.


On IOS, I think the best you can do currently is to post the question screenshot on your personal feed and ask the question there. It doesn't have to be your opponent that responds. In fact, you're probably more likely to get an explanation this way I hope.


Pretty cool, by the way how do you sent message to opponent? Can we send message directly?




Thank you friend, I will check this on android device. 😀👍


By the way i am on iOS. I can’t find message options. Or is this only available in PRO?