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Reasons to learn ruby

The ruby programming language seens to be an horrific language with some extra unnecessary logic keywords(like unless and until). The constant variables must have a capital in their first letter in their name(this means that i cannot create a nom constant variable with a capital in first letter) and also to do comments of more than 1 line i even do not comment. Just give-me solid reasons to learn ruby.

5/5/2019 1:46:27 AM

Werg Serium

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I think you are being unreasonably harsh on the language. The language is anything but horrific. You are concerned about some unnecessary keywords. Have you tried to reason why they are there; like, "What's it coding without vs with them?". Constants are not really constants in the literal sense. Think of them as recommendation not something you depend on. The interpreter only warns not stops reassignment(default). There are block comments in ruby so not sure what's the issue here. =begin comment line 1 Comment line 2 =end The benefits ruby offers is flexibility. Its main goals being programmer happiness + productivity, so you do more for less. It's also much more fun coding in it compared to most languages. It has Rails which is a popular framework for writing web apps. Check the about section to know more I recommemd coding in the language for a few weeks and judge for yourself. If you like it cool otherwise, move on.