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Searching inside posts

Sometimes some interesting posts may appear under ACTIVITY FEEDS, but then they quickly disappear. For example, today appeared only for few seconds a great post containing the links to many web codes related to Fractals and EVERYTHING.JS. How can I retrieve them? Google is no help (posts can only be accessed through the app)

4/29/2019 12:13:27 PM

Bilbo Baggins

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You can try weekly highlights. When that fails search the profile of everything.js which you follow. I searched and found this.


everything.js has a catalog It has search feature, so you can find the post easily. There are also three filter options, and four useless features. The UI is just so so, probably because its coder is lousy, please tolerate it 🤷‍♂️


Thanks, Lord Krishna, you gave me exactly the link that I needed. The strange thing is that I was not following EVERYTHING.JS when I saw the post. So I assume that WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS are continuously changing...