can we call ourselves coder with a soloLearn certificate?

4/29/2019 12:05:51 AM

abdoul mouhage ouandaogo

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You can call yourself a coder if you write code regardless of education level or certificates.


abdoul mouhage ouandaogo A certificate here on SL just signifies you completing a course which by the way isn't a full course just the basic. It's really good for beginners...yea... But you can't call yourselves professional coder with only SL certificates. Try to reach out for more information on what you learn here in SL. Increase your horizon. Add to your vast knowledge and then you can call yourselves coder. Just in case, you can call yourself a coder with SL certificate. Just not a pro...


There are many levels of coders. So if you have only written one or two programs, you are still a coder, although a beginner.


thank you very much for this clear answer


in real life, to be a coder, you should be able to "create" something to proof your skills, more thaj just answer to some quiz