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List=[1,1,2,3,5,8,13] print (list[list[4]])

Output 8 why??? Now position 4 is 5 but it display the 8

4/28/2019 3:18:26 PM


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Yogeshwari M . If you want to print the 4 position The correct sintax to use is print(list[4]) When you do print(list(list[4]) You are printing list in position In the result of list[4]. That is position 5


n = list[4] What's the value of n? What's the value of list[n]?


print(list[4]) Output = 5 print(list[list[4]]) list[4] is equal to 5 So list[list[4]] is equal to list[5] So we have print(list[5]) Output is 8


Did you read everyone's explanations?


Just look at your code carefully Here's what it says print(list[list[4]]) >> list[5] // 5 cames here the way that you told above >> 8 Simply it asks for the value corresponding to the value at index 4


I can do ya print(list[list[4]]) It cames 8 not 5


Thankyou for ur explanation


This question from the quiz has been bugging me for some time, trying to understand why the output is 8. Thanks to Anya's explanation I get what the code has been telling me all along. Talk about starring blind. Thank you, Anya.