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What are you doing on levels >15 to get xp points?

What to do to get the most xp points for it? I have 75.000 points to next level. With my speed it takes a year or more to reach lev 17...

4/24/2019 2:45:48 PM

Sławek J.

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I'm waiting for the official Sololearn account to challenge me so I could get the sweetest victory with 37XP 😁 Actually, do not concentrate on XP. This app is about learning and getting better at programming. Look, for example, at Mitali , bobbie , Rull Deef 🐺, Kuba Siekierzyński and others who constantly entertain us with their ideas, tips, tricks and codes. What really matters is knowledge.


I don't think but ask sololearners who already reached the level 17


You have to make challenges to get more XP quickly


Just challenging. Like, a lot. Oh, and if you want easy XP, challenge me. I am the level 17 that is most prone to losing challenges so you might get some 37XP treats against me (not a 100% guarantee btw) Also, just look at my challenge count. I have just finished 51000 challenges. JeMa has just finished 100000 challenges. You can see where this is going.


Igor Makarsky That’s me😂 Now I always wait for SoloLearn official account to challenge me... (Now I don’t do any challenges) But I am still active to contribute in Q/A and see others code. Encourage others to continue...


Is something faster than challenges?


Usman M Ahmad To level up... When you get a certain amount of XPs, you will go to a new level. Now you are at level 6. Fun fact: Highest level is 20... Now we only have JeMa ^_^ 🇨🇩 and Michaël🤴 who is at level 18...


Lito Delcid check this out https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1231123/?ref=app


⚜️JTLZ⚜️[#Never Give Up!] I though there was no maximum level 🤔


Challenge is the key to earn xp.might be sometimes when we lost that time we was felling botherad. But we should do more & more challenge.


I'm on Q&A duty and using my patented method you too can get to level 14 in 2 years. Only 20 years to go. (literally)


Sławek J. You can get a lot of xp by unlock a Badge.😁😁😁🙌🙌


Challenges. 😁


To complete challenges is the easiest way to get more XP and as you will be at level > 15, you can win more and so the XP.


Sławek J. Tomorrow marks 2 years since I started using Sololearn and by extension, challenging, in case you want to know


Challenging and since I haven't learned much Learning also helps


Do challenges


More challenges makes more XP's just do it


So are we finally all agreeing? :) (At least in this thread - let's see if it sticks.)