Can grey/silver level mods be given the Pro app features (for free) so that they can better answer our questions?

4/23/2019 7:54:23 AM


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Janning⭐ it does not. SoloLearn is great about giving us the tools we need to moderate but having a pro account has done nothing to help. I only have it to support the app (and I hate ads 😇)


Ipang I agree. Server performance is definitely the part that needs the most attention right now. I am not a Pro user myself, so I don't exactly know what specific features either. I was just going by another post in which a moderator Janning⭐ mentioned that as they were not Pro users, they are not able to provide more details about some piece of information that the user was asking about. In addition, if SL is to add a more useful Pro feature in the future, I thought it would make sense for the MOD team to have access to these. I am not sure if it's fair to have users who are more privileged than the MOD team.


🤔 That's an interesting question. Maybe a moderator that actually has a PRO subscription could drop in and comment on whether or not it helps them fulfill their moderator duties. /* shrug */


Sonic I'm not understanding how pro features can help someone to improve their ability or quality of the answers (despite whether the person was a moderator). Perhaps I'm missing an update? which feature was that you refer to? for me personally, I'd prefer SL to improve the server performance first so there will be less delay or failure in posting something : )


Sonic I'm not a pro user either, so I knew even less. I think it would be nice if we can have one pro user sound an opinion on what pro features got to offer. AFAIK, higher level mods gain more access privileges (no concrete details known of how far/deep), I think it's somehow reasonable, for investigative purposes I guess. I also agree with you that mods gets extra privileges over users, I think it's kinda funny (weird) if users share the same access rights with mods, just doesn't make sense to me : ) Let's wait for the mods to voice up their opinions on this shall we?


You can mail them your suggestion at info@sololearn.com.


That would be something great but i dont think that sololearn will give them out for free. :/


Yes. May be depends on course, efforts, luck or scholarship like ratings & pro (as to be free). Brilliant idea 💡. 🤔🔣📦🌼💭⌚☺️🤗