Hello guys! I wana use Audiable bell .(escape sequences)

Want perfect example too. The escape sequences are the special character constants which are supported in output functions like printf. \a => audiable bell \n => new line \b => back space \r => carriage return \t => horizontal tab \o => null character \\ => back slash Hope you understanded my question 😊

4/22/2019 6:22:51 AM


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Edwin Pratt https://code.sololearn.com/cWL3DQL518Ks/?ref=app Observe this it is acting like tab escape sequence only. but I want to know the difference.


It seems that the Audible Bell escape sequence seems deprecated.. I have tried using it before as well. Windows XP freezed if I combined more than 13 together.


There seems to be a tiny bug (mobile app), tab should about 4 spaces, but in the playground it is like one space.. The Audible bell was used to signify a sound or a beep, and therefore, there are sometimes 1 or 0 spaces.


Hi all, I wrote a Python program that uses TK graphics to do the towers of Hanoi. I wanted it to beep when finished. I ended up doing a printf of chr(7), ascii control G. this works for my terminal emulators in linex and macOsX. for some reason printing "\a" did not make a sound.


in c/c++ you can use \a for a beep but not in other programe. include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout<<“hello\a\a”; return 0; } output: hello (with two beeps)