Do i need to completely learn HTML before moving on to CSS and JS?

4/18/2019 5:29:59 PM

Kellan Foreshaw

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You could potentially learn HTML and CSS at the same time. HTML is much simpler than CSS. if it were to be measured in units, HTML would be about 2 units and CSS would be 7 units. JS on the otherhand is about 13 units. JQuery would be 4 units. but dont worry about learning something completely, just make sure you cover your fundamentals first but make a note to revisit concepts you are unfamiliar with later to cover your blind spots. I for example knew more about JS than CSS until I recently decided to revisit CSS


you should learn html first because it is very simple Let take the example why you should learn html first if you want to make a building then first you make its structure then you paint it .


Yeah of course because If we can imagine .. , it's the skeleton for the web page ...



It's not necessary. Hardly anyone knows a language 'completely'.




Not completely, but you should have a good understanding of HTML.


Yes, that would be best. ..


Attach the door or paint a design is not possible without the wall. Door - JS Paint - CSS Wall - HTML


You can learn html... Is not that hard... And not that much


I do not know in which sense you use 'completely', but it would help you a lot to have had already covered the html fundamentale when diving into CSS. The html course is short and not at all difficult and you lern there about the objects and attributes which you will be eventually manipulating through your CSS.