How can i retain the value of a variable in python using while loops and if statements?

a=50 i=50 while i>=0: b=int(input()) if b==1: i=a-5 if b==2: print(i) I want the value of i to decrease to zero but it is not decreasing and is stuck at 45.

4/18/2019 11:19:36 AM

lovi gamer

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I changed your code so it looks like this and works fine i=50 b=int(input()) while i>=0: if b==1: i=i-5 print(i) if b==2: print(i) I removed a as it is unnecessary And as Honfu said i is always 45 as you assign i to a-5 ( without changing a ANYWHERE!) So it should look like i = i - 5 or i -= 5 Also I moved the input part to the top so you need only 1 input (otherwise you'll have to enter about 10 inputs and face EOF errors)


You wrote i = a-5. You change a nowhere in your loop, so it's always 50. So i is always 45.