Gamification -> remove Asker-Badge?

I really do like the gamification in sololearn with leveling up, badges and challenges (although I don't understand why people do 50000 challenges in html just to level up). And I don't mind the discussion related badges at all - with one exception: the Asker badge. It seems to me that lots of people are posting questions just for the sake of getting that badge which totally spams the forum. So my suggestion would be to remove it. What do you think?

4/17/2019 8:39:06 AM


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Sydney Chako - you are hilarious! i wouldn’t have thought of that. 😂😂


lol Sonic - you are cracking me up! 😂


About your suggestion, you can mail Sololearn about it to info@sololearn.com or use feedback option in 3 dots option in the main page of SoloLearn app.


Jake Chambers I once posted a question as a bit of a joke and ended up getting over 100 votes for it! The only use of that question to me was getting the votes and a badge, but if others found the question useful then I certainly can be pleased about it and proud of my contribution to computer science. Check it out. https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1556190/?ref=app


Thx, I know but I think I have better chances succeeding with that suggestion if some people are supporting it here.


oh... i thought you dont know.


I dont remember the questions exactly but same person asked "why programming is hard? " and "why programming is easy?" just to get likes,or take badge or for fun i don't know...I think we must report these kinds of spamming and we can downvote also. Asker badge is to encourage new programmers to ask so my opinion is to keep it, and in case of spam we can use downvotes and report as i said.


Sonic "That's not the only badge for which people post useless questions." IMO, there's no such thing as a useless question. Just because it's useless to you, doesn't necessarily mean it's useless to everyone else. The good news is apparently there isn't a badge that requires you to read and/or answer ALL the questions asked, so you may just skip those that you find annoying. Shouldn't be a problem as long as nobody blames you for not sharing the same sense of what is interesting and what isn't interesting with them ;)


That's not the only badge for which people post useless questions.


Tom Packard this is not a good idea Beacause some users don't like gamification like you And also sololearn does not go according to you Sorry i say any wrong thing


I once asked a question just for fun(i even knew the answer already), then I replied people who had answered my question and got 5 badges in an hour. Asker, Good answer, Good question , Great question, Great answer. It felt nice.


I guess the point is to support and encourage shy people to ask questions without leaving the platform. Makes sense to me.


Agree 💯.That's not the only one . There are some other badges same as this .


gamifitying actually messes up the purposes which why i left sololearn i started working on my own projects and posting them self where. sololearn is great for learning but once you move away from a beginner there is no point unless you wnat help new comers. it also discourages people who work at different ways because alot people don't have much time.


Good idea.


Sonic thanks for your reply. I understand that your question was meant to be a joke, maybe with a sense of irony too but hey, apparently many people found it interesting (some also gave interesting answers, BTW). Your question may not be seen as a great contribution to computer science at first, but it has probably been useful to many people seeking encouragement and/or guidance, which many of the answers to your question provide. This is what discussions are for : the more answers you get, the higher the chances of getting one that's good for you. And who knows..., maybe your question and the subsequent answers have encouraged someone who was about to give up to keep coding and learning more..., maybe that someone will then become a great programmer and invent something really big..., and maybe your question will turn out to be one that had a huge impact on computer science in the end ! Like algorithmics applied to human beings, sort of... You never know where an idea, or even a joke, can take you :)


Just to reinforce my point of view. This have been the new topics in the past hour: How to update of table address_details Traffic Jam As a interviewer what type of questions should i ask to a data scientist? How can you help me? I want to build my own website. / something russian I didn't understand Why we Use of programming languages ? Why we learn languages?how it can be helpful for us Can anyone recommend me the idea of ​​internet innovation and entrepreneurship?tks Can someone tell me the value of EOF in integer Please how can I do to program my phone to do thing automatically using python Use of programming languages in real How to doing upload my website in google SoloLearn community acronyms ¿Página que me recomienden para practicar Javascript? Where to start and how? Lesson 4, question 1


João Filipe de Mantova C. Lima yes i agree and one more thing, all here can ask without fear or be shy because is anonymously and friendly platform.


Candyopoly 😄😄😄