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Data Structures Projects Ideas

Hi there! I have to submit my project proposal in this week with should be based on DSA(Data Structures and Algorithm) concepts (Linked List,stack,queues,etc). Please give me some ideas regarding it :)

4/15/2019 5:39:15 PM

Hussain Ali

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I am gonna present some other alternatives to the ones you mentioned Binary Tree: This is the simplest one. A tree structure where each node has up to 2 children. The left children are smaller in value than the parent and the right is greater. It is good for search as it has big-O of log(n) BitArray: While a bool is small in memory, it is effectively used as a bit. Therefore an array of bits can be used to better performance and memory consumption than a classic array of bools. Trie: A tree structure with words, where each node is a letter. This is typically used for things such as autocorrect and word suggestions.


Towers of Hanoi is a simple game using three stacks!