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Ethical hacking tutorial

Is there any app in play store, where I can learn ethical hacking explanation, tutoruals, examples... There are hundreds of such apps. But which is the best one? I am unable to decide.

4/15/2019 1:20:23 PM

Sarthak Pokhrel

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I just say learn by yourself is best because you can try new things and explore vast area in ethical hacking. Read more books and communicate With any ethical hacker friend in social media but it's hard to find 😂 because every one Profile pic look like ethical hacker. Watch this video if your beginner in 2019 all the best 👍👍


There may be... ‎Basel Al_hajeri('MBH')



Don't know about any app in particular but start by changing your OS to something that can help to learn like linux.


You could watch videos on the YouTube channel Computerphile. It has many videos related to SQL injection, password decryption etc.