[HELP] selecting right choice [diploma course / 11 th &12th]

i have just completed 10th and thinking of doing diploma .. can anyone tell me about its pros and cons.. and which will be a nice idea 11th 12th or diploma and also why !!?

4/15/2019 5:58:55 AM

Prashanth Kumar

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Hariesh Kishore will i be valued equally to those who have done higher studies in the job...? will it affect my standard or pay ?


It depends on your area of intrest and the field you are choosing. If you want to have more practical knowledge and less theory, then you may choose Diploma. If you believe you can study and understand the concepts by learning then you can pursue ur 11th and 12th and then you can go further. The main difference between both is that if you choose diploma then you have no other choice and have to work in that particular field. The advantage of choosing higher secondary ( 11th & 12th) is after completing you may still have various choices to continue your further education