Why codes like "hi sololearn" have the largest number of likes (upvotes)?

Why oh why only "sololearn hi"

4/14/2019 10:32:24 AM

Sławek J.

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Because everyone understand them :D


Nice answer :) specially pretty girl avatars have many upvotes, is it miss universe contest?:)


Followers, likestorm-groups, pretty girl avatar... too many factors to be sure. ;-)


Is there classification?:) (of likestormers)


Who would win? ----------------------------------------------------- One high-quality | One HTML Java program | hello world from with 500 lines | a popular user of code | (2k followers)


There isn't a real answer to this, but I'll give my best try. I believe that some people might write it in an HTML/CSS/Javascript program to show off some effects they have discovered or created, and they don't know what else to write. Also, these upvotes are given by encouraging and experienced programmers who are happy to see other new programmers join Sololearn. Most of these posts are by inexperienced programmers or people who just joined Sololearn, and these upvotes can be encouraging to those people. Sometimes, encouragement is needed to promote learning and preventing people from becoming afraid to ask questions in the community or forums.


HonFu i like the way you categories it, and that's the criteria lots of user use before they click the like button


Yo Sławek J., You should consider learning how "Sololearn dynamics" works. Codes that are great won't give you lots of liked always. Sometime you need luck, like Sololearn making that code the COTD, or when a post featuring that code becomes the post of the day. But nevertheless a lot of codes that have likes are pretty awesome.


HonFu I liked the classification "likestorm-groups" ;-)


Good for beginners coding doesn't mean you should write lengthy code.If you write a simple code and it should understand easily to the users.First step always be a hi hello only.


@ Jan Stech We all know the answer!


I Don't know How they get that many likes but i think its a good thing because for beginners if they see the support and love they got with there first code the will get encouragement and motivation . And thats very important if they want to shape their future with coding.. For Me Honestly My "Hello World" c++ code I wrote on PC was the proudest moment for me and that gave me enough motivation to learn more things and choose coding career 😄😄


An excellent code doesn't get a lot of likes automatically. Sometimes a simple code has tons of likes because it has an emotional side. I.e. an adorable dog pet drew with css clumsily. Visibility is important too. A code posted in a trendy challenge post at the right time will increase its chances of being liked.


Thank you everybody for helping me get my 'Babble Badge'! 😂😂😂


*AsterisK* I left the challengers group about a month ago because I was getting too many notifications. But for popularity based badges I didn't use that group as I had already got these badges before I joined the group. The Likestorm 'group' that I got help from was before the time of personal messages and groups and was just a thread in which a group of 10 or 11 guys could just ask each other for a likestorm and you would get 10 votes within a day or two which would easily elevate your question into the Hot Topic category. I no longer have a need to use these.


It's okay if you want to share your opinion you can Julien Quentin.


Yes, it happened, Next hard badge Thanks everyone for voting HonFu Now it is your turn :)


Yes but we need to support beginners that's why they get more upvotes. I just wanted to tell you one thing that we all are here to learn from each other.Just make good codes you will get upvotes and support beginners help them to learn new things.


Julien Quentin the discussion is not about beginners or advanced it is about why they get more upvotes for hi sololearn codes.


Oh sorry @Stefan Robert😊