Why is programming in india and many others very popular compared to the united kingdom?

I couldn't help but notice that when people take screen shots of there profile they have 7k+ near by coders but i am lucky to have even 3 people nearby 😅 is there a reason why programming is important to learn in some countries?

4/14/2019 9:51:00 AM


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Calviղ if you use modern figures India may rank a bit higher. D_Stark, with a population over 1.3 billion, India has a large talent pool. Compared to China, there are more English speakers there. Most of their population is also young. Due to the large youthful population, employers can get the same work done out of Indian employees for a lower price. This means that multinational IT companies have a big incentive to invest there. The government there also promotes the IT industry. There is a growing middle class in India with better access to smart phones and computers. Other growth regions of the world are in the African continent including Nigeria. These are some of the reasons why you see more Sololearners from there. As notqueued stated, learners of programming in the UK may also use more traditional educational methods.


Don't feel bad, I have only the one. I would hazard a guess it has more to do with the local install base than being more or less important to any given population. (and location services being on or off probably also has an influence)


D_Stark I think that some people want to be successful in his life so they learn programming and some people's enjoys coding so they learn programming This is my thinking


it is important in uk as well but the people that are studying it don't use apps like this. they're using instead other platforms or more traditional ways. india has a much bigger pool from which to attract people. let's not forget their population is over a billion. also jay had some good points.


Calviղ that data is from 2009, for users with rep >= 1000. india will not enter too soon in charts if we use this distribution


notqueued The data has been updated by user in 2017. Anyway here is another data posted in 2017 too, USA ranks number 1 and UK number 2 and India number 3 in user counts. However users per capita still remains more or less the same with big improvement on Australia, which ranks number 3, UK number 7, India is still not on the list. https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/198372


I want to add, the factor of popularity of the app in different places.. sololearn could be more known or less known from place to place.. Also we need a better understanding of the nearby function if it's based on the political borders.. The online based learning is much less representative, the motivation of users got a wider range compared to classic learning environment..


You should not really feel bad, according to Stackoverflow data. UK ranks number 7 follows by Australia number 8 in top20 list of users per capita by country, and many countries including India are not on the list. And New Zealand ranks number 3 and USA number 14 position. https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/25838/what-countries-have-the-most-stack-overflow-users-per-capita


As some of these comments have alluded to, I think a part of it may be how users in different countries are trying to learn. From my own experience, when I go to the Google Play app store and look at the review comments for educational apps, I noticed the majority of users have foreign (to me as an American) names. There are many names from India and the nations around it, the Middle East, Eastern Europe. There tend to be very few Western names or Oriental Asian names. However I noticed that when looking at games in the Play Store... There I find the Western names 😅 So take from that what you will but my take (as a Westerner) is that Westerners seem to rather play games or socialize with their phones than use them for educational apps. Maybe they leave all their education up to their official schooling? Maybe they don't care or feel the need for education as much? All I know is that I am one of the few in my own social circles that uses a phone for learning and not just for gaming, social or video apps.


Statistics always lie. That is also th reason why there is always work for a good data analyst.


Because India have a very large number of talented persons. And Indian are very serious towards their work as compared to others. And also there is a myth in Indians that programmer job is a very good so there is more craze of programming than other countries.


It msy be a joke, but Indians may be educated for brain draining; they are meditation type;


Do as Romans while you are in Rome.


Somewhere like Pakistan india and some other less graduated country..... I don't want to hurt anyone...sorry, Don't know the computer very well ..... Then west side country..... I know there are numerous of talented people....in india and Pakistan.... So i tell you a joke , Sometimes age i had show Short program in some peoples.... They have all educated..... But they told wow !!! How you doing that!!! You are the Master... Wow