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New SL Feature, Content View Counts Questions

How are these views counted? 🔹I have private codes and I have never shared them, but some of them have more than zero views, how is that possible? 🔹Does 1 person counts as 1 view or 1 person can make more than 1 view? It's interesting to see that codes with 100 likes have +1000 views 🙃 Anyway it feels like my privacy is "invaded" 😮, don't like it. What's your opinion?

4/10/2019 8:55:22 PM


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your views can be counted multiple times, most probably you have taken breaks while making code so multiple views on your code.(I just tested & made 3 views on private code)


voja Once you are on the net, nothing is really private :)


𝄋 ℒ 𝄋 I'm not sure. It's a theory


Displaying views is a ridiculous feature implemented by sololearn, the whole screen now appear more conjusted than ever before. On top of it it can have a negative impact on some people especially newcomers when they see only 3-4 likes after 70,80-100 views making them think their code is not good enough, it can easily discourage them.


voja Thank you. I didn't know. I just updated.


Where can you see the number of views?


Sonic You need to update Sololearn first.


It seems that your own views also count. I did the test: I've visit a private code uploaded recently with 3 views. After reading it, view count changes to 4 views. It counts 1 view per day, including code owner views


If you share a private code link anyone with this link can look at your code. So private is only hidden not real private.


~ swim ~ exactly. It makes me feel bad almost. Some of my codes have 40+ upvotes and I was quite proud until the I saw the view count. Ratios like: 3.2k views : 60 upvotes


{ 𝄋 ℒ 𝄋 } That's the connectivity issue for you. It's probably just Sololearn messing with you. Codes duplicate, posts delete, random stuff happens with the connection issue


Javier Felipe Toribio I agree with your observations. I've tried to test it as well and it actually seems to be adding 1 view to the count every time I open the code. So, it's counting every single view, not only unique ones. Those weird 2 views I've got were probably due to the connection issues I was having at that time, I suppose.


( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆) You shouldn't be discouraged, just look at trending codes. Almost all of them have same ratio as yours or even worse. Anyway that ratio, number of likes, views is pointless (for me at least)...


Javier Felipe Toribio are you sure that's the case? My private code got 2 views in a minute, while I was facing "no connection" error trying to make some changes to it. I'd prefer so much they fixed horrible connection issues of the app first before implementing new features of questionable utility.


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