Why do challenges questions have the same time span when yet they differ in complexity?

4/10/2019 11:27:49 AM

Sydney Chako 🇿🇼

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Maybe to make the challenge process simpler. But I get your point. The end result is that you end up with the challenge process being skewed towards players focusing on languages with questions that can be answered by memorisation.


As far as I have seen they do have different time span


Saksham Jain I also think they have different time spans. In wasy questions, time passes fastly while in hard, it passes slowly.


Sydney Chako Yup, for some it is longer....


Sonic yes I get your point. However there some questions that need more time. Maybe its me who is slow but sometimes I look at a question and see the little time allocated, I get frustated and wait for the next question to be a "true or false" option.


Sydney Chako I don't know what exactly is criteria but I have experienced different timespans .... Maybe it was my illusion but I do think there are different time spans


I think for some complex problems, the time span is relatively longer.


Saksham Jain I just played a challenge in which the first question required me to click true or false on a statement. The second question required me to calculate the sum of numbers in a list generated by by a certain function if the numbers were even. They had the same time span.


Arushi Singhania I lost a challenge trying to prove that. One was a nested loop and the other was an option question. I waited for them to time out. Still I got the same timespan.


MODF mayb for some questions but not all


I think it's to improve our reaction time.