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JavaScript Web Automation Task

Hi all, really appreciate if anyone can assist me on my personal project since I'm still noob in programming. I work in IT Management department and coding is not my area. I've recently developed interest in programming since it can make your life easier and solve problems. We've been given a task to clear backlog tickets from our web java based ticketing system. I have draft a simple js script in hoping to help the team handle this time consuming task. You actually need to open the ticket and click a button, 200+ tickets a week on top of other hectic daily tasks. I've been testing it on chrome dev console and so far it works great as expected except for some tickets it will pop up a new web window that I need to click some button on it also. The question is how do I get a reference to that window so I can control it (click a button) since it's not my script that trigger it. I know if I use I can assign a variable and control using the variable. Sorry for the long description : )

4/3/2019 3:16:44 PM


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Thanks for the respond Calvin. Any idea how can we overcome this? How about windows PowerShell.. will it do the job?


You cannot use JavaScript to control domain due to security concerns.


FYR Calvin, thanks.


I don't quite get your scenario. You mentioned you have tested some script on chrome dev, could you share the codes?