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Codes Locked

three of my codes are locked and won’t unlock. But if I i lock or unlock other codes it works. Please help @Janning⭐️

4/1/2019 1:36:01 PM


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Thanks, Sonic 🤓 I think Alex has the right idea. Usually, a mod lets you know in a comment that your code is infringing a policy. If a mod has the ability to make your code private, they will. If you then defy a mod's request to keep it private (e.g. you republish a code before or without addressing the noncomplying factors), then a higher ranking mod will make your code private permanently. Since I'm not sure specifically which Code Playground projects you are referring to, I can't check and am I'm just guessing. I hope this helps! 🙂


The ones you can't make public were set by mods to privat because they were not allwed to be public. (For some reasons , for example: copied code , bad words) These ones will never be public again. You can still see them , but noone else will.


thanks @alex


Janning⭐ , the question author mentioned you.


Indeed it did Janning