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Graphics and sounds?

How do you add graphics and sounds to your code is that possible for me even though I'm not subscribed to SoloLearn? Or do I have to finish the code completely to add my design and add the music? This is with C++ btw.

3/31/2019 10:53:02 PM


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The code playground can't do graphics and and sound I'm afraid. When you click "run" you are basically mailing the code to sololearn and they mail back the result. For sound and graphics you need to run the code on your own computer.


Must have been a web code then! Your phone knows how to javascript so you can run all the sound/graphics code on your phone. But C++ and all the others are a different story!


Install a c++ IDE on your computer or mobile phone in order for you to access those features...i think it will perfectly work


Schindlabua thanks for your answer 😃 I always thought it could do that since I played someone's game and it had sound effects and actually cars. But now I know I have to do it by computer. Thanks!


Schindlabua Oh oki that makes sense