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Computer science

Hi everyone! I really love learning programming and everything about it. But sometimes I struggle with what computers actually do in the reality. As a result, I am going to learn computer science on my own. How would you guys recommend me to learn it ! For now, I buy a book about CS, but sometimes it’s too difficult to understand it by only books. Thank you guys!

3/29/2019 2:18:44 AM

Aaron Yang

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Some of these threads might be helpful for you. 😁👍


There are plenty of resources online including video tutorials.


I would definitely suggest you look into machine learning as well. There are many real life applications that can be used


Shashi Ranjan Shashi those links are very helpful, even to someone like me thats been padding along for almost a year


Glass , glad that it was helpful! Keep up! 😁 👍


Tie you can refer to online courses. There are plenty of courses for CS.


I wish I had done what you're doing. That's real learning.