How to learn from sololearn?

How to learn so much stuff present on this platform via quick and in a right way?? How to approach the course present on sololearn? Should I take other courses from different resources as well? Should I create notes in programming or not? Are they important in programming?? The answer should be applicable to majority of the sololearners despite of their education(whether they are engineering student, normal person, or school students).

3/25/2019 8:18:33 AM

Ayush Sinha

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Always keep a book of what you do 1.Your Book 2.Pen 3. A written note and major explanation of code try to explain the logic behind the code make sure to relate the code to real world solution 4.Build stuff using the language 5.Make large program try to add complexity to your program in order to challenge your skills this approach will surely help you


I'm not saying that my way is the best, but I don't rush with the lessons, doing them one by one and always trying to reproduce the stuff I've just learned in the code playground. It is not quick though 😃 As to notes, they are my best friends, can't rely on my head much 😄😄


If I want to learn something I use as much ressources as I can. Sometimes I don't understand a topic so it is good to have one more book/tutorial/video about it. Notes and comments are important for me. * to remind a code * to explain what happens there (if I can explain it, the chance is high that I have understood it.) * to structure a code: Sometimes I know what a method has to do but don't know how or have no time to write this method. With comments I will not forget it I would not say that I am a fast learner. I have my own tempo and I thinks that's okay.


Just a simple answer: engage in lessons, code playground, challenge quizzes and q&a.


In my opinion you should approach programming language quite similar to natural language: 1.) Assume that it is too big to learn it all. A natural language has several 100k words and nobody knows them all. 2.) Gradually increase your vocabulary/knowledge knowing that only a subset of everything will already make you functional. (With only about 10.000 words you can read novels or study abroad.) 3.) Increase your knowledge/vocabulary of the language not in a theoretical way, but very real-lifey and natural: Listen, talk, read and write in a variety of contexts. 4.) Repeat what you are learning with an appropriate schedule in order not to forget. So points 1 to 3: Increase your knowledge. The source doesn't matter as long as it's correct, understandable, new and interesting for you. Write a lot of code using these tools. About 4: This is how I'm doing it. https://code.sololearn.com/cL3QVCSUn0bp/?ref=app https://code.sololearn.com/W4P13u4XCmf9/?ref=app


Rely on your mind and feel free to visit any site which gives you more confidence in your codes. Keep up with material with practice. As my previous comments says keep an eye on the material and don't give up. Good luck on your programming way


You may always refer to other sources if you feel gaining from it. Yeah, creating your own notes is something i personally do prefer. So see your way through it. Good luck●


Practice practice practice and keep practicing


The point of my learning aid is to simplify the management of your notes. Probably everybody has experienced this: You write down vocabulary in a book in order to remember. But it's hard to know when to repeat, and it can be bad that it's always in the same order. Either you overlearn stuff (waste time) or you miss the point where you should have repeated, and forget. With my script, you just have to ask 'what's up?' once a day, and you'll get a shuffled list of exactly the notes you should repeat today.


Well sololearn is a very good platform to revise things. You should not depend only on the content present in course you should practice the topics you learn post codes ,participate in challenges and so on.you will get a lot from other posts and codes.


1 = which course/or what you want to learn ! 2 = After picking up course eg: python if you don't understand anything just check it on Google ! 3 = yes ! if you want to do some thing or trying to put your carrer in progamming ( write what you didn't understand and try to figure it out ) 4 = You need to just start the progamming course you will understand / or you may join some courses ( learning computer/progamming ) :)(:


"...Quick and in a right way"? That can be tricky because if someone tries to learn too quickly then they are more likely to miss things, not understand or misunderstand something, and they will forget what they went over easily. My approach to Sololearn has been to use it as my primary base learning but then if I come across anything in a lesson that isn't clear to me, then I will look elsewhere for a clearer, more thorough explanation before moving on to the next lesson. I do not believe that Sololearn, in it's current state, can be the sole source of learning for any subject. The subjects are all covered too broadly for that and don't go as deep as you will need to know for any serious project. As for notes: I do keep a list of notes which I call "Tools". The way I view Sololearn's courses is that they are basically teaching you the basic tools available to you to do your job. They don't really teach you how to use all those tools together though, that is left up to you to figure out.


1......Start with basic script like 'html' 2......Complete all courses with full attention. 3.......Make notes (they are very helpful) So, you'll never forget the main points. 4......Practice every lesson 5.......Use other resources like Google, YouTube,books, etc. 6.......Don't be so fast. Give your. time to a course These are my opinions.Try them.If you want.


It's very easy basically. I truly find Sololearn to be the most helpful and lucid when it comes to learning coding. The approach and breakup of the course contents is excellent. I personally approach one lesson at a time and keep a pen and notebook handy. I take down important rules which needs to be remembered while coding. Also I think the hard challenges inside the lessons should be solved in pen and paper, that aids the understanding. The most important thing is to keep on practicing and keep track of the comments and daily challenges in Sololearn. I try to solve the daily challenges as well, no matter whether I can or not. An attempt definitely helps!👍


I like to learn from the Challenges. When i don't know the answer to some question, i always return to it, read the right answer and reflect about It. It works like charm to learn and have fun at the same time. Sorry for the bad english, it's not my mother language.