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Is it possible to make a script to auto-fill and progress?

Hey guys, So while using Numbers on Mac, I'm wondering if it's possible in some way to make a script where, for example, I can type in a name in the row, and then it will auto-generate 2 separate codes based on given parameters, and then auto progress as I keep adding names. Is that something I can change in the Numbers source code, or is it just possible with a lightweight script installed along side? Please note that the system is completely offline and locked down, so internet solutions are, well, not solutions in this case. Thanks for any input guys.

3/24/2019 7:00:59 AM

Anthony Quick

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Anthony Quick ... Looks like not many are familiar with Numbers. I wouldn't lie - I've never heard of it. That said, I gave it a quick search and it seems like Numbers can interface with AppleScript (again, something I've never heard of) to perform automation. There are quite a few tutorials out there which introduce us to AppleScript + Numbers. (Alas, I can't even test them! )


Hatsy Rei thanks for the input bro! I never heard of apple script before either...😅😂 I had tried doing some stuff with automator recently, but alas, it failed. I'll look into this Apple script business and see if I can make a go of it. Thanks again 😊👍