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Why does html and js challenges exist, but not css?

3/21/2019 2:21:11 PM


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HTML + CSS = html quiz Css quiz challenge add in html .


CSS Challenges Are Included In HTML Challenges.😑 I Would Like To Have CSS Challenges Separated From HTML In SoloLearn !!! 🌹😊✌🌹


This is not a place of chatting Jaynas Sharma..... So u can remove ur answer.. N it's a place where only topics related to coding are discussed..!!!


Hey the questions asked in the challenges are also from CSS....


There are not enough CSS on Solo learn but it are used in HTML challenges.


HTML challenge also has CSS in it!


CSS are used in quiz as part of HTML. But I think in SoloLearn, CSS are not enough. Every quiz creator should focus on CSS and create more CSS related quizzes.


The html and css questions all in HTML challenge mixed


html challenge is the combination of both css and html...but later on I think they will seperate the two.


Css is already embedded in HTML. So no need of any separate challenge.