Is dreaming good ? of becaming a great coder ?

I am living in full dreams that I will became an content creator or expert coder but still I dont know anything more about coding I am becaming lazy and not doing my own work also any advices how to solve this problem 😯😥

3/21/2019 7:18:21 AM

Sayyam [ # Aasan hai ]

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HonFu Well said 👍 Sayyam Dreaming is good but you have to be realistic. Anybody can get to that "great coder" level but getting there is all about how much effort you put in and it won't be easy. You can't just "dream" about it and expect to suddenly become that great coder without you doing anything. Laziness is the Slayer of Dreams. You have to kill Laziness before it kills your dreams. Laziness is cruel though. It doesn't kill quickly, but instead slowly beats yours dreams down day by day. As for advice: I would say projects are the best way to learn. Setting schedules and sticking to them helps also such as: I will work on my project every Monday and Thursday evening. If you run into problems, don't stop working on it but rather do the research needed and ask for help if needed. Sololearn is a great place for encouragement, help, and being around similarly minded people but don't get too caught up in: reading comments, notifications, feed, running other people's codes --- Work On Your Own Codes! 😉


Big Dreams, Big Plans, Great Works!!!🌹😊✌


I've gone through the same experience myself. I would always dream of becoming a proffesional programmer when I was older. But then I started to ask myself "why wait when I'm older when I can start now?" In order to accomplish anything you need to mentally wake up and actually do it! Keep motivating yourself, try harder, and make a healthy coding schedule. In around 4-6 months you'll have learned more than ever. Happy coding!- Hira 😉


Sayyam, I think there's nothing, really, you can do, instead of honestly asking yourself if you want it enough. There are dreams we just have for feeling better, like 'one day I'll live in a palace' or something like that. Obviously you know they won't become true. How about being an expert coder? Is the thought nice of being able to code a game? Do you want some fame? Do you want to read your name in a production list? Do you want to be as special as some of the hacker guys in the movies? That alone will not be enough. You *actually* need to want to learn how to code. So what is your dream about? What exactly do you want to accomplish? And when do you want to have accomplished it?


Dreams without actions are useless. Actions without dreams may also be just routine and insignificant. Dream as big as you want to. Then make a plan and take action to get there.


Sayyam in order to become a great coder you don't just relax on dreaming only. As you dream you have to work. If laziness is getting in your way find a way to get rid of it. "Practice Makes Perfect" they say. Try some of Sololearn's challenges and see what you can do.


Dream will boost us to be better day by day as long as you put a lot of efforts.


Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep... ---A P J Abdul Kalam It's good that you are dreaming. But if you don't work hard to actualize it, this dream will never help you. It will remain dream forever. Laziness is a barrier to success. But you have to shake off it. When you will be able to find pleasure in your work and love the work, laziness will not be able to avert you. Always love your work. Be self confident and never think about what other people say. If it's really your dream to become a content creator or expert coder, it will not make you lazy. It will make you active. True dreams leads a man to the way to success.


This is a hard question to answer because it's a very individual question. Everyone is going to answer the question differently, depending on their value system. For instance, if you value using your free time to do whatever it is you are doing instead of working on your coding, then I guess being able to code only in your dreams is good.. But if you value actually being able to code more, then it's probably not going to be good enough that you can only code in your dreams.. But if you are asking me what "I" think, then I will go with actually being able to code.. Dreams don't just come true without putting any work in to it.. ... I think that's what you are asking.. Yea?


How long those it takes to build a website...


You need to devote more time to coding in a day and be more passionate about it if you're gonna rise to the top in this aspect of life


Dreaming is Good but working toward it is what count in the world of Programming 😂😂😂😊☺