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What are the good reasons to be an I.T. professional?

I'm a Grade 10 student. In our country(Philippines) has K-12 program on its DepEd(Department of Education) and Computer Servicing is offered free on public schools. I chose the Computer Servicing for my K-12 track. I'd like to know what are the good reasons to be an I.T. professional. As a student, I'm thinking what career I'm going to choose for myself, if God willing. Please convince me to choose I.T. career and lay down your reasons why it's better to choose such career.☺☺☺☺

3/20/2019 12:32:09 PM

Ricson B. Escalicas

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My thoughts on your question : I don't think it's about reasons that other people give to you about IT industry. It's all on you, if you think you have skills, logic and creativity to develop programs and softwares or games, you can be in this field. Thing about other people thought is : everyone thinks differently. I can suggest you to be in this field but if you are not capable you won't be able to be successful in this field. Final words : it's up to you. Refer to this once. https://flaviocopes.com/good-reasons-become-software-developer/