What can a professional Programmer/Developer expect from Sololearn?

I've seen that Sololearn is more focused on beginners. If a professional is asked to join Sololearn , what should s/he expect from this platform ?

3/19/2019 4:33:53 AM

Siddharth Golecha

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Maybe you can help teach something here? A new tutorial perhaps?


Siddharth Golecha I'm not sure what gives off the impression that I'm a professional. To pitch in my two cents, I'd follow the question up with another question: "What would make a professional programmer a professional?" In my own experience, I believe that if any skill can be simplified to the point of being able to differentiate between the professionals, semi-professionals, and novices ... then it simply isn't a notable skill. With that being said, the entire field of programming is *not* simple. It's very complex. So, it's safe to say that any question directed at the field as a whole while simultaneously being oriented around the idea of __accurately__ categorizing levels of skill ... it's kind of a self-defeating question, in my opinion. It assumes that programming is simple, when it is in fact complex. My advice: Don't set goals related to becoming "a professional". The existence of a goal portrays the assumption that there is a finish-line. There is no finish-line when it comes to programming.


There is no finish line, there is no box (to think or to be outside of), and "there is no spoon". :P There is nothing other than an indefinite opportunity to better yourself. If you thoroughly enjoy & love programming, you will succeed every single day, as long as you do not stop.


Siddharth Golecha even a professionals learn new things from this app and others and competes with the future. Have you seriously looked at the codes produced here, the quality, the abilities of each code...


To Become 1st In The Country!!!🌹😊✌




Sonic Sure😁. But let me first gain enough knowledge to teach someone 😊


Yes BroFarOps©®️™️the 🐱 Sir . I want to ask you that , when you started on Sololearn , you were a professional too . What were the thoughts in your mind when joining this community?


Many professional developers have a product/technology focus where they may be experts, but the world of programming is huge. There is a lot of benefit in learning a new language, and if you look away from the actual learning materials, you can find a lot of talented people in this community who share codes, organize challenges, write tutorials, answer questions (not just basic ones). There is a lot to learn from their more advanced works if you open your eyes and know where to look.


You are speaking of experts and professionals in the context of them having completely nothing new to learn from SL. That could be true two years ago, but it would hardly be the case in the present, considering the amount of new content which has added much value to SL. Even if you are indeed, seemingly impeccable and all-knowing, there are still reasons to stay. Channelling Ace : https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/972403/?ref=app


CipherFox Answering your Question , By the term professional , I mean the programmer who is working in industry for years . Secondly , I am a student too 😅😅. And my goal is not to become a professional and it wasn't ever . My goal , for everything , is learn new things and acquire as much as knowledge as possible. And I love programming and there's no doubt about it. I asked this question on behalf of developers who want to join Sololearn.😅 But thanks for the advice anyway☺☺.


CipherFox , You're a professional now . Maybe you could answer this?


I've been working on IT, especially on programming, since 1990. I started with Clipper, and then Progress, and then Java. What to say? There's always one more language to be learned. For now I decided to learn Python and review JavaScript, and Sololearn has been perfect for me. Anyway, so many here may not be professional programmers but they do have passion, which lacks on so many others (professional ones) that I know. By the way, a friend of mine is here as well and has programming for a living the same way I do.


Hatsy Rei Ace sounds like me <-


Thank you very much Ace for this answer and Hatsy Rei For providing this link😊


The definition of professional w.r.t the question is ambiguous... there's always a thing or two you may want to know or tell. Programming related technologies are dynamic... every day something is deprecated or added so if you are not with some community, your professionalism may get diluted eventually. There's that little thing they benefit from here. Furthermore, you master stuffs by teaching...by teaching us what they know they become even better at it.


Paulo Meneghelli Jr Thanks a lot for your response 😊


Hi Everyone, I would say that if you are paid to write code that makes you a professional. In my case was the challenge of solving real world problems in networking and computer graphics that drove me to study computer science, not getting paid. Even though that was nice. Programming has paid for my college, but in the 1970s be in on the development of the Dept. of Defense's ARPAnet which in 1983 became the Internet was a dream come true. I enjoy sololearn and have used it to learn python and ruby. also I enjoy helping other learn to code. Sololearn is great platform for learning coding and interacting with others.


Dan Rhamba , I think you haven't read my comment CipherFox , where I clarified what is the defination of a professional regarding this question


We as professionals talk about thinking outside the box but few do...