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How to be a confident web-developer?

After learning HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT, how can I be a confident web-developer? Creating my own codes is still difficult for somehow.

3/18/2019 4:44:37 AM

Abdulahi A Abdulahi

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Try making web sites, with every code you will learn something, and use google to find how to do something. This realy help me. 😊


To build your confidence, knowledge, skills for web developeing Follow the advise of the Sololearn Community. ( HTML/web developer tags ) in Q&A Discussions. It works for me. Happy Coding ☺️


more practice with psd templates


Practice more Do more of tutorials(videos) than theories (PDF)


try to make a website of something you like. Or make a website about fruits, famous buildings or paintings. This way you do something fun and understand what is harder to do.


Yeah I know there is still a fear of writing codes and not having it work well there best way to face such fears is to start to build little codes and them starve to upgrade and add new feature to them then challenge your ability to read other codes , to do that you can start with and sololearno challenges section . but the true secret is practice practice the more you practice the more you adapt to the language Ok ☺☺☺☺😁😁😁


if (you = !confident, confident++) 😉😂👍


Sanja Panic Thank you so much that’s a good advice, I’ll try as you said


That's not weird, just need to practice again and again. If stuck, use stackflow😊. #likeme


But my real target would be creating more complex and rich ui, as well as games.


There is only one mantra to become a confident web-developer, that is PRACTICE. Whatever you learn or had learned in the past keep on practising. It will make you perfect and confident.


I’m so thankful for all of you, guys, for your very helpful replies, comments, and different ideas that are based on your experiences and as you personally see how one could improve his coding skills to be a good web design developer. I’m really very thankful to all of you dear sololean friends. in this way of asking questions, sending answers, and having discussions, YES, IT IS VERY TRUE, WE COULD HELP ONE AN OTHER. I appriaate for all of your advices 100% . thank you very much, guyz.


Before thanks


Consistency. Be loyal to your goals. You can do it! Fighting! :)


first need a good master who can teach us in better way for perfect landing on basics.after that its not a matter