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Should quizzes be more language specific ?

I saw that the quizzes normally test your maths and programming understanding rather than relating specifically to the language. The JavaScript quiz for example barely touches upon events and DOM I have not seen string formatting (.format) in Python or even dictionaries C++ and Java have more or less good quiz questions about oop but more language specific questions would be appreciated. What do you think about it?

1/16/2017 7:47:50 AM

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

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They made it for everyone. That is why quizes are very simple... In my case I have already memorized majority of questions for C++... But, recently they added the feature for us to make quiz suggestions, and ever since then some new questions, that are harder and more complex appeared, and in the future there will be more of those. Maybe it will be great if they make quize questions depending on levels, for example, if I am level 15, and I chellange some lower level, I should have harder questions, or just when 2 higher level players compete it should be like that, complex, but much harder questions than this one that already exist.


If language specific flavour is not added, if the quizzes were for mere testing of maths skills etc, a convenient language like JavaScript might have been chosen and the quiz section stuuffed with logical catches.