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Anyone can define what is microprocessor


3/16/2019 8:01:52 AM


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It is a small square that has tens to hundreds of thousands of tiny switches that connect to a circuit board. The switches represent a numerical value based on whether electricity is flowing through that switch or not so a 1 means its on and a 0 means its off. a processor in general can also be considered the main memory of your computer, when you start a program it loads the necessary start up from secondary memory into the processor(main memory) at which point the program starts getting executed line by line causing the switches to flick on and off signaling what needs to be done by the operating system, through a string of binary sequences.


// A microprocessor is as a computer's brain, that allows to calculate the all operations and also to make to the computer faster.


an integrated circuit that contains all the functions of a central processing unit of a computer.


Microprocessor is integrated circuit (IC) that help computer process trillion of data over milliseconds


One microprocessor can manage one task per time like microcontroller (like Arduino). One microprocessor with several cores can manage and solve different tasks per time. The last type one, kernel is needed and you find mainly 2 derivations appliance Rtos and OS.


microprocessor is the brain of computer. it is also called cpu or process input data and give output to a user.