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What is the best program to start working with SQL, and why is it the best?

I am very interested in learning SQL and utilizing it in my current and future work, as well as for personal efforts. I would like some feedback from people who regularly utilize SQL about what I should start with.

1/16/2017 5:25:04 AM

Nicholas Miravalle

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I recommend MySQL (community edition). Free, crossplatform, contains everything you need to start (MySQL Workbench for example), used on most hosting platforms. Second choice could be PostgreSQL. But you can be aimed at other 'major' DBMS: Microsofts or Oracles... But first mentioned DBMSs (both) are more than enough to start before you'll start to design big DBs from scratch, "entity-relationship" diagrams, or to specialize with some... Oh, I'm not sure if PostgreSQL contains everything you need to start, so again I recommend MySQL.


I recommend SQLiteStudio for SQLite: http://sqlitestudio.pl/


in my view sql is a powerful language especially with you deal with data bases. it's used to write queries for mysql, Sql server, oracle, Access and SAS. and it's very easy to learn SQL. to me it's the easiest. so i say go for it. hope that helps


I use sqlite3 . its lightweight and can handle requests upto 20lakh at a time


heidisql: good, pretty and free. https://www.heidisql.com


you can use myadminmysql is online and free for pratique


Where can I get databases to practise? I downloaded SQLiteStudio but I don't have database files to open... I also downloaded MySQL 5.7.20 but I don't know how to work the thing. Just folders and files but there is no MySQL.exe to run.