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??? JavaScript vs Python ???

I am learning JavaScript but others tell me that I should learn Python first as my programming language. JavaScript looks a bit complicated. Any advice! Please! I don’t know what to do.

3/15/2019 9:09:36 AM

Abraham Lupiya Mwanza

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I don't about you what do you want to become but if you want to go in web development then i suggest you learn JavaScript but if you want to go in machine learning or AI you can choose python for it.remember that python is very simple than other languages but if you want to start web development then start learn JavaScript do not need to learn python but if you want to learn coding as a fun then i suggest you start with python.hope you got your answer.


I think JS and Python are about the same level of difficulty. There is no 'best language' to learn first, it depends on the person and on what you want to do. Python gives you an easy beginning because you can start with very simple code, while C or Java force you to write at least a bit of stuff that you can't understand initially and that may confuse you. C and its heirs are less easy to handle but if you're patient and not afraid, they will give you a firm grasp of fundamentals; it will be easier from there on. JS probably makes it most easy for you to quickly produce something that looks pretty, because you have HTML and CSS right at your doorstep, and it all just runs in a browser. So there would be good reasons to start with any language. It is no eternal commitment either: After you learn one language, other languages will be a lot easier, so you will probably end up with knowledge in more than one language anyway. So you don't have to panic - just choose!


Thanks Maninder and HonFu!


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