Will Python wins the race standing in the first place beating Java in Future?

Yes, I think Python has a great future than Java. Most of the companies developed projects based on Java till now. There are so many companies who has pending projects that have already been started using Java. Once all these projects are completed, according to me, all the companies use Python for it's simplicity. Also, Implementation of Python in applications of Artificial Intelligence(which has great scope) is easier using Python than Java. So, I say that Python will surely wins the race one day pushing Java to the down.

3/14/2019 6:44:23 PM

K C Rohith

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I believe so Python is slowly been picking up speed in terms of popularity. The work and technologies used with the language is vast. Java has a large following as well and is used from mobile application to large enterprises. Both languages have theit pros and cons for me I use Python for the majority of my work.