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Back-end Developer

Hi everyone! Is information given by SoloLearn enough to become back-end developer or not ? If anyone here have experience in back-end, please give some advice how to become back-end developer.(books, sites etc.) Thanks)

3/14/2019 5:31:12 PM

Furkan Tashkyn

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Furkan Tashkyn For me I will say nope you need to learn more but if you need to be a self thought backend developer I recommend you choosing freecodecamp as they gave you a backend developer license certificate after fully completion of their courses it. Very Genuine and the lesson there are enough to Make you a backend developer follow the link But you must use your computer for lesson and pratice Ok I hope this help you


you can read this book


thanks Martin😊


thank you VEDANG


Hello! Sololearn is enough to learn basic of some languages. Then you need to build projects and learn new technologies. Example full-stack job skills: 1. HTML, CSS 2. JavaScript library or framework (jQuery, React, Vue, Angular) 2. Backend language + framework (for example: PHP + Laravel or Java with Spring) 3. Database (MySQL, MongoDB...) You can check job offers in a website, depends on your location to see what is needed for starting as a web developer. Good luck!