What careers can you become using HTML programming language

3/14/2019 5:06:11 PM

Chukwunweike Obi🇳🇬

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Chukwunweike Obi Sorry to bust your bubble Html is not a Programming language so learning Html does not make you a programmer or a web developer but anyway it is a good start for newbie in web development Here are required markup and programming language you need to have a basics understanding about For markup Language HTML CSS For Programming Languages JavaScript PHP Java If you like you could learn Python Machine Learning And After learning these with a their basic framework Use will be a web developer


You Can Create Web Page Structure By It👍 ✌ (But Only Creating Structure Of Page Is Not Enough, You Should Learn CSS For Decorating It And JS For Interactivities!!!)


HTML is not sufficient to learn. You should know other languages like JavaScript , CSS , PHP


Nothing😀 HTML isn't enough for any IT career




it is a good start to becoming a web developer. but useless on its own.


1. HTML is not a programming language. 2. None. You need to know other languages. I recommend to start with Java, C, or JavaScript, if you want to do web stuff first


Probably a front end web developer from 1997.


Sorry for breaking the spell but HTML isn‘t even a programming language as you stated.



Well for one thing, there’s this job called “coding”. There’s a lot of different jobs you can do that invlove coding.


You need to learn more after HTML.Because with HTML you can only generate the structure of a webpage.You need CSS Js and some frameworks to and then you can make your career in Web Development


You need to have understanding of other languages like JS,CSS and PHP for web development since HTML isn't a programming language JS can help you make ur webpages dynamic and animated if u liked i m happy