What is the different between 'JavaScript is used for web apps' and JavaScript use to create interactive web elements'?

3/14/2019 6:24:01 AM


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Web apps are fully functional applications. Interactive web elements are subsets of web applications where you have something that is interactive.


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web apps are like google drive, which is a web app for google chrome, web elements are interactive parts of a website/web app.


Web apps or applications are fully functional apps that runs in your browser on a website. Like Blaze Playz said, Google drive is a type of web application, so is Google docs and many of the other products Google and other companies made / works on. These are making use interactive web elements. But interactive web elements could be other things like a changing the appearance of things loaded in the current document, for example modifying CSS/HTML through JavaScript. This can be done easily since JavaScript is being executed on the client-side and not the server-side.