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Why Javascript Coders are less than C# Coders In Sololearn???

When i am coding in c# i see lots of people willingly challenge but in JS! They even dont respond to my challenges, why? What do you think?

3/14/2019 4:06:49 AM

Mickey Mouse

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My theory is that with JS you can make 'cooler' web codes on code playground than with C#, so while the C# learners are challenging, the JS learners must be coding.


//Actually there are javascript coder more then C# coders , Issue is javascript coders don't play javascript challenges


Who said "javascript Coders are less than C# coders" Brother i think you don't seen how many web developers are there and anyone uses Javascript.. //Take a look on code playgrounds specially on web Codes🀴✌✌


For me I think while JavaScript coder hit challenges it that we believe it is a waste of useful coding time playing challenges games while you can challenge with your code By the way I accept challenge in JS ,because I believe if you know a language you should proof it beyond all doubt and that is by taking challenges


Thats absolutely right, but why? πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’


There are lost of js users The reason most js users don't accept challenges is that most js users don't play challenges cause majorities tend to lose


You are right, i mean Sololearn Javascript Challengers not all js coders around the world 😁🌷