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[Off-Topic] How many sololearners use an upvote bot?

Probably I'm not the only one who recognized, that some upvotes only make sense when you assume the guy/gal automatized the upvoting process. But how far-spread is this?

3/13/2019 12:36:07 PM


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HonFu ohh , yes . I even mentioned about these things in Let's stay safe post. One of the thing that amuses me that some people don't even run the code sometimes . They just upvoted the code . Not only some newbies but some good level coders too. Like there was a code which got lots of upvotes even it was clearly visible that the code is created by someone else.


..i don't need any (upvote) bot, because of i have friends from the whole world! 😉👍✌️🍰


And the dude who downvoted my question and comments so far should rather enter the discussion. Because this issue concerns the quality of our learning experience on Sololearn and therefore is not necessarily an invalid question to ask!


HonFu , Very true


HonFu There has been an upvote bot called Üneg what has been banned. Check here for more information: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/624068/?ref=app



HonFu please use [Off-Topic] keyword for this post



HonFu , is it true? Did you noticed a post or something which led you to this conclusion?


HonFu , he downvoted my comments too


The one who downvoted mine took the downvote away now😕


Satnam singh , you should see the question upvote and first 2 upvotes


I don't use an upvote bot neither am I famous (Honestly if I knew how to make bots I would rather make a bot that loses to everyone in challenges 😂)


HonFu how do they create a upvote bot.. do hackers make it on sololearn's code playground?


⚡Prometheus ⚡, ah, a famous older case! Seems that bot was a bit too obvious. 😉


I not 😅


I am also wondering how to 'ethically' judge automatized upvoting. If you don't believe in votes at all (which is a valid view in my opinion) you obviously wouldn't care. But most of us probably connect *some* emotion to it, like: Someone looked at my code! Yay! But I remember when I was new here: Noone would even see my codes, let alone upvote them. There were a few dudes, though, who regularly upvoted, but never left a comment. After a while I saw they just upvote everything that's not up on a tree at the count of three. 😉 If you don't recognize that something's off, you might just be happy. You might even feel grateful that someone 'cares about' the newcomers. But isn't it sort of sad? You think, your code is good, but in reality you're just looking at what a program generated automatically?


Wow, you'd have to build an army of these to serve demand! 😂😂😂


Siddharth Golecha, frequently I see a few people upvote codes that noone in their right mind would upvote. They might look like this: 1.) print(profanity) 2.) <a href=porn page></a> 3.) obviously stolen code


Exactly. Makes you wonder, right? 😏