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Why anyone can add me to a group and when I am leave a group they can add again and when we want to do not go to any group what can we do? I do not think it's better that when someone wants to add us to a group, we accept the request and then add to the group, otherwise it will not add us to the group.

3/12/2019 3:39:59 PM


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Group chats can be annoying to say the least. Every time someone posts a message you get notified and bothered. And sometimes the messages can be boring and dumb like: "is anyone here?", "is this thing working?", " do you know da way?"; and the best of the BEST: "why so many people are leaving this group?" 😀😀😀. I totally agree with you adding to groups should be preceded with some kind of "accept/decline" dialogue.


Given my limited activities, a chat is not useful for me.


Thank you Sonic and 🎵🎶 welcome to the hotel California 🎶🎵


Once I tried to leave a group, but they kept adding me back. It's a bit like Hotel California! Luckily for me I like the guys in that group. But your idea of entry by invitation is a good one.


Vitya yes. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave! 😀


Sonic You're not allowed to leave our group 🤫


Im a totally noob here, are there groups in here?


I_am_L yes, there are groups and you can start your own as well for a meaningful purpose.


Update group settings


Groups are cool for me Try to change your group settings


add me to your group


Add me to your group